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If You Are Worrying About Money You are Not Free

If You Are Worrying About Money You are Not Free
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Luckily I've had enough pipeline and work over this past year of self-employment that I have not had to worry about money too much. Yet, the few times I have worried about it have not been fun at all.

A family of four in full swing with activities, sports, school, family trips, etc. means a substantial cash burn rate month after month. And, there are always unexpected expenses. Car or house repairs (like that unexpected $9,000 furnace replacement in February) come out of nowhere and never seem to stay away throughout the year.

This is really the entire point of this blog/newsletter. I'm really trying to help someone exactly like me rationalize and get through leaving their job RIGHT in the prime time of their career and family life, when it seems like the most ridiculous and risky time to do it. I won't let you just jump off a cliff without giving you the real lessons from my experience.

I always say "geeze it's not like we are living like young rappers on the show MTV Cribs! How can living cost so much?" Life is just expensive these days.

So, remember this: no matter how bad that boss is at your current job, or how much that co-worker drives you crazy– nothing is worse than worrying about money.

Don't put yourself in a position where you're living on the ragged edge of worrying about money, otherwise nothing is going to work in your entrepreneurial journey.

I'd recommend Substantial savings before leaving your job. I had enough savings to last about 3 months when I took the leap. That's not enough, the wolf is still "too close to the door". But it's better than nothing and I'd consider it the bare minimum. I don't know how I would have gotten through this mentally without at least that much. If I did it again I'd have a year of savings before taking the leap.

So, be patient. Take your time and really plan this out financially. If you've got a job, keep it a little longer. If you don't have a job, maybe get one and hang on to it for a little while while you sort this out.

Financial worries will color every part of your journey if you allow them to. Your goals, vision, and passion will be sidelined while you prioritize money. Before you know it, you'll realize that you've just been spinning your wheels instead of moving forward.